Good friends, Joyce and Alan, needed a bench so I thought I would capture the steps

Day 1

Start with a slab of elm which has been stored and dried, and sketch out the cuts to be made to create the parts we need.

Cut out legs

Create a rough cut kit and start sanding with a decent belt sander and good dust extraction…

Sanding gets rid of cut lines from the band saw. IF there is a split in the end grain then simply add a little bow tie to stop it from spreading

Day 2

Start cutting joints to join legs to seat

Now add pieces for the arms and start cuts to join arms to legs

Day 3

Create mortise and tenon joints for arms and chair back plate

Now fit all together to give first rough assembly before we start finishing

Day 4

Sanding and more sanding with 80 then 120 grit… then stain

Kit ready for epoxy resin and then varnish

Day 5

Coat of epoxy resin

Day 5B

Now scrape off the epoxy resin because I didn’t mix it well enough and it hasn’t fully set leaving it tacky. Then sand everything back and reapply the resin

Day 6

Now with one good coat of epoxy and one coat of yacht varnish, we now do final assembly i.e. Glue Clamp and Screw

All that’s left to do now is another couple of coats of yacht varnish with light sanding between coats

Day 7

Deliver and install